Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Experts in Dog Training from Ofallon, IL Recommend Empathy for Pets

Allowing the animal to roam the house freely while you’re gone is setting him up for destructive behavior due to stress. For dogs that misbehave while owners are away, a crate or a “den” needs to be established. The crate mimics the animal’s sanctuary in the wild, a place where the dog feels safe. So while you’re away, he is safely in his crate and prevented from doing any harm. Animal messes Addressing this will require keen observation on the owner’s part. If the dog is constantly relieving himself indoors, take note of the time lapse between eating and relieving. For instance, if you notice the dog urinates around two hours after a meal, make it a point to take him outdoors then. Puppy training in Ofallon, IL teaches youngsters to get into the habit and they soon learn to exit by themselves.

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