Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Experts in Dog Training from Ofallon, IL Recommend Empathy for Pets

Allowing the animal to roam the house freely while you’re gone is setting him up for destructive behavior due to stress. For dogs that misbehave while owners are away, a crate or a “den” needs to be established. The crate mimics the animal’s sanctuary in the wild, a place where the dog feels safe. So while you’re away, he is safely in his crate and prevented from doing any harm. Animal messes Addressing this will require keen observation on the owner’s part. If the dog is constantly relieving himself indoors, take note of the time lapse between eating and relieving. For instance, if you notice the dog urinates around two hours after a meal, make it a point to take him outdoors then. Puppy training in Ofallon, IL teaches youngsters to get into the habit and they soon learn to exit by themselves.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dog Training in O’Fallon, IL Keeps Your Pooch Happy and Your Life Easy

Of course, making sure your dog knows how to react appropriately in any situation all starts with proper dog training in O’Fallon, IL. In fact, it is best to start young as puppies ages 8-12 weeks are virtually blank slates and have not yet formed bad or destructive habits. You can either learn the essential skills to train your dog yourself or schedule regular sessions with a trainer for a more intensive approach when it comes to potty training, leash walking, socializing, and positive behavior around other dogs and humans. In any case, a recognized dog behavioral specialist can sit down with you to discuss your dog’s training needs and determine the most suitable program. Whether you are looking to resolve a major issue—such as anxiety, depression, or aggression—or simply require basic O’Fallon, IL dog obedience training, you can count on a dog behavior specialist and trainer such as Bo Harrison of Kranky K9 Dog Training to make your life easier and your pooch much happier.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Basics of Dog Training in O’Fallon, IL: Crate Training your Lab Puppy

O’Fallon, Illinois is one of the fastest growing communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and many of the denizens who call it home often fall in love with the place and its benefits of owning pets, especially man’s best friend. Labrador retrievers, in particular, are quite common; in fact they’re America’s favorite dog for the 23rd year in a row in 2013. If you want your precious puppy lab to grow up to be an obedient friend, you should get started early with O’Fallon,IL dog training—starting with the crate.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ofallon, IL Dog Training: Avoiding Aggressive Behavior in Your Pet

To avoid embarrassing and potentially harmful incidents involving other dogs or even humans, the veterinarian recommends getting the pet’s behavior under control before allowing it to socialize again. “If he is reaching an age of social maturity and does not look to you as the ultimate authority, he may challenge you and your commands more frequently.” In this case, obedience training is highly advisable. This is a case that many dog owners around the country, including those in Ofallon, can relate to. Having your pet undergo Ofallon, IL dog training programs can correct common pet problems, such as aggression, lack of attention or obedience, and socialization issues. In such programs, the dog’s case and condition will be thoroughly assessed, and custom solutions would be recommended. Any training needed can take place either in your home or in a training facility.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dog Training for O’Fallon, IL Pets can Fix the Issues of Jealous Dogs

"Once you rule out any health issues with your veterinarian, a professional trainer can assess the dog’s behavior and determine the cause. This is ideally done in the setting where the behavior is shown, such as in your home or in public parks. With an understanding of animal psychology, the trainer can tell what contributes to the stress, frustration, or anxiety that the dog likely experiences. A specialist in aggressive canine behavior, such as Bo Harrison of Kranky K9 Dog Training, can fix the problem through O’Fallon, IL dog obedience programs. These individualized programs can help in controlling your companion animal’s behavior and in strengthening your relationship with it."